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Tips for your Golf Holiday

Posted in Local Area @ May 31st 2011 1:29pm - By Administrator

Most tourists often choose to experience the thrilling adventures and sports that Gold Coast has long been known for. But for those who want to experience a more subtle and laid back holiday, try venturing out on a golfing holiday on the Gold Coast. We at De Ville Apartments encourage golfing enthusiasts to take the time out and soak up a sunny holiday on the green. The staff at our Main Beach family accommodation have a number of sound suggestions for those wanting to go on a golf vacation.

Like any vacations that you plan on going to, golf holiday also requires good planning and management. We often recommend our holiday makers to decide on how much vacation funds they are willing to spend on their holiday. If you’re on shoe-string budget, choose an affordable golf club that can cater to your needs. The Gold Coast has so many world class, beautifully landscaped fairways that offer a variety of choices for every type of golfer.

Since golf is an outdoor sport, make sure to check the climate and the weather conditions before heading out on your golf vacation. Heavy down pours will definitely dampen your holiday spirits especially when you try to wait on for the rain showers to stop. The Gold Coast is the ideal spot for your golfing holiday because it not only has the most exquisite fairways in the country but it also enjoys a warm and sunny disposition all year round.

Before heading out on the green, make sure that you have confirmed the tee times of your reservations at the golf club. Also, try to not to be late on your scheduled booked course. This is important especially when you’re arriving on a peak holiday season where golf clubs are usually fully booked. This simple task will ensure that you’ll have a slot on where you can play and practice your swing.

Golf Clubs often require their guests to wear the appropriate dress codes. Golfers should know before hand what should and shouldn’t be worn in the golf club and provide at least one or two sets of prescribed clothing. We also often remind our golfers at our luxury apartments in Main Beach to bring along a sunscreen, sun visor, hat, sun glasses and a pair of golf shoes.

Aside from golf attire, golfers are essentially required to have their own gear. If your in a low budget, you can always look for second hand golf gears through auction websites or better yet if you want to spend money for a new set of clubs you can always go to the local sporting goods stores.

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