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8 Heart-Pumping Scream Rides at Dreamworld

Posted in Local Attraction @ Jun 17th 2019 2:59pm - By Administrator
Tail Spin Photo From Dreamworld Website

Are you a thrill-seeker? Why not visit the Gold Coast's biggest theme park? Besides a range of rides suitable for all ages, various animal encounters and a water park called the WhiteWater World, Dreamworld also features eight heart-pumping scream rides.

So if your answer is yes, then don’t miss the chance to try the rides at the Gold Coast's biggest theme park. Below are the eight thrilling rides you can find in Dreamworld.


This is the first thrill ride you will see once you arrive in the main car park. The BuzzSaw ride began its operation in September 2011 as part of Dreamworld's 30th birthday celebration. It is 46m high holding the highest inversion ride experience in the Southern Hemisphere.

The BuzzSaw steel ride consists of two carriages carrying a total of 12 riders. The extreme factor is a 360-degree heart roll with a series of fast ascents forwards on a gigantic loop and then backwards followed by a 90-degree drop that speeds up to 105km/h. The height requirement for this ride is 130 to 200 cm.

Mick Doohan's Motocoaster

This is the first Aussie motorbike roller-coaster and the only one that features life-size replicas of 500cc racing bikes. The Mick Doohan Motocoaster ride consists of 14 custom-made motorbikes and two aerodynamically profiled sidecars which are designed for the little ones and disabled guests.

The ride has a fluid track with a length of 605 m. It has eight extreme banking turns reaching a speed of 72 km per hour. The height requirement for this ride is 130 to 195 cm.

Hot Wheels SideWinder

Before Hot Wheels SideWinder, this ride was previously known as the Big Dipper at Luna Park Sydney from 1995 to 2001 and then renamed as Cyclone at Dreamworld from 2001 to 2015. The steel roller coaster is one of the tallest in the Southern Hemisphere.

Get ready for a high-speed fun and hair-raising loops hitting up to 90 km/h and a 360-degree loop. Take note, riders under the age of 10 must be accompanied by an adult aged 14 years and over. The height requirement for this ride is 120 to 205 cm.


This amusement ride can be found at the DreamWorks Experience in the “Kung Fu Pand: Land of Awesomeness" area. When you get to this ride, there are two lines to choose from – crazy or not-so-crazy as Pandamonium has different intensity factors.

You see, it consists of six vehicles designed as pulled rickshaws. Each of these holds four passengers secured by over-the-shoulder restraints. Then ride calmly rotates round and round and then side to side and upside down at up to 3.8 G-forces. The height requirement for this ride is 120 to 200 cm.

Tail Spin

The ride opened in September 2014. Here 12 riders are seated in mini-aeroplanes that can swing and spin around in circles. Once ready, the ride soars up to 72 feet giving the riders a great view of the Ocean Parade. The height requirement for this ride is 130 to 200 cm.

The Claw

The sky-high swing ride opened in September 2004. The Claw or the most powerful pendulum on the planet, according to Dreamworld can soar up to 75 km per hour. It can swing riders at 9 storeys high while spinning 360 degrees. Take note, children must be at least 10 years old. The height requirement for this ride is 120 to 200cm.

The Giant Drop

Not afraid of heights? Then conquer the tallest free-falling ride in Australia. The Giant Drop has eight open-air gondolas where riders can sear comfortably with legs dangling freely. They are carefully cruised to the top taking approximately 90 seconds. Then the ultimate plunge takes off with an accelerating speed falling 119 metres or 39 stories. Free-fall time is 5 seconds. Take note, the ride is restricted to guests 10 years and over. The height requirement for this ride is 120 to 200 cm.

Tower of Terror II

The Tower of Terror was launched in April 2010. Since its opening, the ride has welcomed over 8 million passengers. Want to be one of those people?

The Tower of Terror II consists of a six-tonne steel passenger vehicle that can carry a total of 15 passengers. They are propelled backwards out of a 206 m tunnel by a linear motor system which accelerates up to 161 km/h in seven seconds. Then they are released back to earth. The height requirement for this ride is 120 to 200 cm.

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